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  • Chané Isaacs

What the lull?

A memento to quietness - in ones career, life and inner turmoil

Growing up in a household with highly successful parents has of course instilled the good, the bad and the ugly in me. I understand the value of hard work and perseverance (from my mother), striving to be the best (from my father), how to use a computer (from both) and of course how to not enjoy a moment of being unproductive because the world keeps turning, so we have to keep moving (from myself).

Will hard work and long hours continue to prevail as the norm and if so - will I be able to keep up?

Being a Gemini Sun, Sagittarius Rising and Pisces Moon — have I lost you already? My point is being someone who loves to learn about anything and everything, from human behavior to astrology, I have stumbled upon Human Design.

My Human Design chart says that I am a Projector - that my life's cause is best achieved when I am resting. Pushing to work hard to achieve anything, and I mean anything, is against my energy type.

Now, I do love a good breakdown of anything new and exciting but learning all of this information has prompted me to think differently about the future of the world. Will hard work and long hours continue to prevail as the norm and if so - will I be able to keep up? The honest answer is of course no. I dream of a life where I make maximum impact with minimum effort, take naps, live in the mountains and bake my own bread. A softer, gentler life where I age at a pace that only the gods and the angels could relate to. Yet as I daydream about the possibility of achieving said life, I receive the friendly visit from the Guilt Monster.

“what if you end up with nothing?”

“Chané how can you want such a simple life without hard work? How will you achieve it?” “What do you mean you want to work your own hours and still earn a handsome salary? You’re only 28” “Do you really believe that its sustainable? Is your lifestyle going to be able to survive the constant fluctuations of the economy, pandemics and socio-political struggles?” and the big one: “what if you end up with nothing?”.

Boy oh boy, does that last one hit hard. What if you end up with nothing. Well, realistically I am asking for a very minimal life and maybe that is my “nothing”. It is proven that when we flip our perspective, we change the narrative of it. Mental conditioning has caused us to believe that humans have to provide value to be valuable.

Have the great poets and storytellers not romanticized life enough for us to believe that life is simply worth living if you’re just being. That the beauty of life lies in the lull. When you hear the ocean waves crash, the bubbles in the foam of your cappuccino burst and you enjoy the smell of flowers blossoming in the spring.

After I tirelessly battle the Guilt Monster, I dust myself off and I say “why not?”.

Why not want more for myself and follow what my heart dreams to be possible, if this is what inspires me? I see Forbes lists of people my age and younger creating lives so large that I beam with excitement that one day it could be me. It is possible - because no matter where in the world you are - someone is looking for what you have to offer. Your story, your skills and your bravery.

Most of the elements in the human body are the same as that of stars. So who am I not to believe that the universe resides in me, as me and that I am an active participant in the way my world operates.

We’re valuable even when life appears to be moving slowly. When the responses to job applications seem few and far between, when you’re trying to figure out the next step in your business or when you just wish to bake bread in the mountains. Value is not inherent to the amount that gets done per day. You’re valuable because you’re you.

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