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Founder & Art Director


After spending years contemplating where I belong in the design world, I fell in love with being the Creative's creative. So I started Created By Chane during the COVID-19 pandemic, after being repatriated back home to South Africa. Since then I have worked with inspiring Creative Entrepreneurs and hope to make a global impact through intentional design.

So my work life goes a little something like this...

I graduated from the University of Johannesburg with a BA degree in Communication Design, with my eyes set on the editorial industry. But with the ever-changing global climate, print wasn't a feasible career to follow and I decided to pivot to digital and found myself thriving. 

Fast forward almost a decade later and I'm now a painter, designer and creative entrepreneur with a passion for travel, animals and people. 

Be sure to follow my blog for more about my journey where I take on the world and integrated service and travel.

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